So another year has gone by and here we are again at International Women’s Day – 2020. 

However this year we are in a new Decade and what a Decade it is going to be.  I feel so much more positive about everything since this year started.  Normally at the end of each year I feel like closing my business, but as 2019 ended and 2020 approached, I felt the most positive I have ever felt and I believe that is down to the fact that I have some amazing friends who have been so supportive of me.  I finally feel that I am growing both as an individual and as a business. I have many new product ideas and I feel truly blessed. 

Lots of these amazing friends are women, and I want to tell you about some of them in this blog.  

Firstly, there is Chrissie; 

  • Founder of The CuddleBed Company creating cuddlebeds which are perfect for gaming, sleepovers and are perfect sensory beds for those with autism who may have trouble settling/sleeping.  As well as these you can find support pillows, memory blanks, weighted blankets and slouch couches.
  • She also founded Heartizan a magical marketplace for crafters built by crafters and run by volunteers who know exactly what it is like to struggle to grow your business.  She also wrote a book “How to grow your business The Heartizan Way“.  This book is to help small business owners to grow their businesses. It has a handy “How To” reference guide which you can refer back to through all stages of your journey.  Not least it is full of creatives truly inspirational stories, from life changing accidents, chronic illnesses, traumatic periods in their lives, to how they turned to crafting as a coping mechanism to then going on to grow their small businesses. 
  • Chrissie also joined forces with Angela from DollyRocker to create a fantastic collaboration Sensory Rocks creating a range of sensory products to help with autism/sensory issues so pairing their skills together for a fantastic collaboration.  

Next is Angela from DollyRocker who is more affectionately known to me as Dolly.  She creates everything fabulous and functional along with her sister based in Manchester. Dolly’s signature products are her self tidying makeup bags with drawstring closure.  They are so amazing that we already own 4 in our house as they are great for storing not only makeup, but all my resin supplies too.  She also makes hair scrunches and re-usable makeup wipes all from material scraps so absolutely nothing is wasted. 

There is also Amy, now Amy has an amazing story.  Amy has suffered with illness since she was a child, but more horrifically following a severe motorbike accident she had to rebuild her life.  Her amazing story can be found here on The Story Exchange where it was recently published.  I’m sure you will agree, she has had a remarkable journey and know runs her successful Dreamcatcher business RainbowPoochy. 

There are many more women who run amazing businesses that are part of my life, so I will post the links below so you can have a look.  

Now whilst it is great to celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s not forget that as we strive for equality #eachforequal #IWD2020 then there also also some very Inspirational men in business.  Once such young man is my friend Dale from Pick N Mix Gifts.  At the tender age of 17 he started his business selling sweet cones and loaning out sweet carts.  4 years later and he is an award winning chocolatier and cake maker.  He offers over 15 different truffle flavours, chocolate bars, lolly kits, chocolate shoes and so much more.  In the few years that I have known him, I have seen his confidence and his business grow and I have every faith that he will continue on and realise his dream of owning his own shop one day in the future.  

So you can see why this Decade is going to be one of the best.  

Here are the Links to these amazing businesses, please do check them out.

The CuddleBed Company 


Rainbow Poochy


Pick N Mix Gifts 

To finish, the most inspirational women in my life remain my mum and 2 younger sisters.  If you didn’t see last years blog then check it out here

Much love – Vicki x