What better way to celebrate 3 amazing women in my life than on International Women’s Day.  

Firstly my mum:  At the age of 55 my mum was deeply into her crafts, having enrolled on floristry and cake decorating courses, learning about sugar craft and she was really excited.  Then she was diagnosed with what we hoped was Carpel Tunnel but was in fact Parkinson’s Disease.  It was a complete shock for us all, but my mum has from then until now, some 10 years later, never let it stop her from doing what she enjoys.  She turns her hand to all kinds of crafts, baking, cake decorating, card making, knitting, crochet, random projects she has seen on Facebook, you name it she will try it, sometimes to our amusement.  I still laugh at the rather large snowman she made out of plastic cups!  It was like an episode of Blue Peter!  She is strong and will do anything for us girls.  My mum is my Inspiration! 

Secondly my youngest sister.  As a family, we were all very excited about the new identical twin boys who were about to come into the world.  My own daughter, my first child had been born 5 months before.  I still remember the call I got off my mum whilst I was on my way to work that April.  She told me my sister had gone into labour.  She was early, not due for another month.  I assured my mum it would be okay, to be told but it’s not okay, she lost one of the babies.  I lost a nephew that day, but my sister lost her son.  We were all devastated, shocked, but we got through it and my sister was so brave.  I can’t begin to imagine how she felt that day losing a child.  Adam is never forgotten and is spoken about often.  His Twin turns 16 this April and he also has a 13 year old younger brother.  They are wonderful lads, hard working and kind.  My sister is my Inspiration!

Finally, my middle sister.  She was the first to have a baby – he is now 17 and is taller than me by far.  He has faced struggles, found it hard to make friends and has dyslexia. Despite his struggles he passed his exams, enough to get him onto his Art course at College.  He is the most wonderful young man and dotes on his younger siblings.  Then there is my niece who was diagnosed with Aspergers and again struggles with day to day emotions and feelings.  She has good days, bad days and very bad days.  Then there is my youngest nephew who has Autism, attends a special needs school and is classed as non verbal.  I say classed as non verbal, but every day he finds new ways to communicate, whether that is using Makaton signing or chattering away and communicating with us in his own ways.  He loves to sing and knows all the words to all the songs in The Greatest Showman.  This is Me reduces us to tears!  These kids are achieving so much because of one person, their mum, my sister.  She is also my Inspiration. 

So, it is no wonder that with these 3 inspirational women by my side, that when I had cause to be strong and leave a 17 year relationship when it turned mentally and emotionally abusive, I knew I could do it!  I am now a single mum, with 2 gorgeous kids, working full time and running a business.  


This International Women’s Day, I salute all women out there.  I am now my kids inspiration!